5 Top Tips to improve your singing!

If you’re looking for ways you can improve your singing at home try these top tips…

  1. Record yourself and listen back… We don’t hear our own voices correctly from the inside so the best way to know for sure how well you’re doing is to record yourself singing and listen back to it later. That way you’ll have a better idea of what needs work.
  2. Practice little and often… It can be very tempting to sing for hours on end butwhen you’re working to improve your voice shorter sessions of concentratedpractice work far better for helping you to reinforce new habits.
  3. Use a mirror… We’re not always aware of what we’re doing when we sing. Onceyou stand in front of a mirror reality can hit hard! Did you know you were pullingthat face when you went for the high note?? As soon as you see it, however, you’regoing to start fixing it!
  4. Check your words are clear… When you listen back to your recordings pay closeattention to the words you’re singing. Are you pronouncing them the same way aswhen you speak or do they sound completely different? If it’s the latter you’ll needto start working on the clarity of your words.
  5. Work on your volume… A well functioning voice should be able to sing both highand low at all volumes or dynamics. You may not have noticed that you can onlysing certain notes very loudly or very quietly before. Check for yourself that you’redeveloping the ability to do every volume from 1-10!


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