IVA Conference

Photos by Christine 2763At the start of August HBSS played host to singing teachers from all over Europe as they attended our very first IVA teacher’s conference here in Northwich!

Heather is one of the founding directors of the Institute for Vocal Advancement which is an international organisation which trains teachers of singing. In this picture you can see Heather along with 4 other of our 10 founding Directors- Spencer Welch, Stephanie Borm, Andreas Grussl and Tom Bathgate.

The conference was especially great as it was available to attend online and so we also had teachers taking part from all over the world- places like Singapore, Japan, USA, Brazil and many others.

It was a huge success and we’re looking forward to more IVA events in the future. If you’d like to read more about IVA and what they do have a look at the website: www.vocaladvancement.com


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