Childrens Group Singing Lessons

Please contact us for availability in one of these classes

These classes are for children aged 5-8. We find that this age group benefits more from group classes than they would individual lessons. Children tend to do better in a fun environment where we can use tools like singing games to encourage them to explore their love of music. In these classes we touch upon the basics of singing technique so they create a foundation from which they can move into private lessons at a later date if they wish to. However- the main emphasis is on having fun with singing. We select songs we feel the children will enjoy most- those from pop and musical theatre, often taking suggestions from the group on songs they would like to work on. They will be encouraged to sing solo as well as in the group (if this is done at the right age they are less likely to get scared of singing in front of people!) and we will also coach them on performance skills by showing them basic moves that will go with the songs.

This is a great introduction to singing for the younger ones and many go on to join our GLEE club or take private lessons.

Lessons are priced £60 for a course of 8 x 45min lessons.