HBSS to host European Teachers Conference

Mentor LogoHBSS will be hosting IVA’s very first European Teacher’s conference in August. We have 2 of IVA’s Master Teachers Spencer Welch and Stephanie Borm flying over to conduct teacher training classes for all of our IVA teachers.

We also plan to hold a workshop for teachers who may be interested in training with IVA. This will be a free class which will take place on Sunday 4th August. Please contact Heather: heather@vocaladvancement.com for more information on that class and to express your interest in attending.

There will also be a vocal Masterclass for all singers out there who want to learn a little more about IVA and how good vocal technique can benefit you as a singer. This will also take place on Sunday 4th August. Please watch out for more information on this.

For more information on The Institute for Vocal Advancement have a look at the website: www.vocaladvancement.com


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