Heather helps to set up new Teacher Training Organisation

Mentor LogoAfter spending 12 years training in Speech Level Singing Heather has now joined forces with a group of teachers from the old SLS organisation who were instrumental in setting up and developing the teacher training side of the company. Together they have formed the Institute for Vocal Advancement which is already proving to be a leading organisation in the field of vocal teacher training. IVA is an international company which already has teachers involved from all over the world- places like the USA, Australia, Korea, Singapore, France, Italy, Germany, UK and lots more!

The technique of singing will remain what Heather has always taught but we also plan to train our teachers in all other aspects of music and singing so they can best help their students become the singer they want to be.

Have a look on our website for more information about who we are and what we do! www.vocaladvancement.com


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