IVA International Teacher’s Conference

IVA- The teacher training organisation (for which Heather is one of the 10 founding directors) will be hosting it’s first full international teacher’s conference at the end of April in Southern California. This 5 day event will bring together some of IVA’s 200+ teachers from all over the globe for education, networking and fun!

Alongside IVA’s 6 Master Teachers we will have guest speakers in areas like performance, business and vocal science. We’ll have a full day presented by renowned Vocal Scientist Dr. Titze and his daughter, Speech Pathologist and Vocologist Karin Cox.

If you’re considering joining IVA and would like to benefit from this amazing educational opportunity we have an offer in place that will interest you. Any new Student Teacher that joins IVA before February 28, 2014, will have their registration fee waived if they book a space at IVACON. A savings of $450!

For more information on IVA have a look at the website www.vocaladvancement.com 


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