Well done Lydia!

A member of our GLEE club, Lydia Huby was selected from her year group to perform a solo at the Musical Gala Evening representing the very best in music at TerraNovaSchool.  She chose to sing Naughty from the Musical Matilda.

Dr Stephen Williams (Head of Music at Uppingham  School) was the special guest invited to give feedback to all performers.  His feedback to Lydia was as follows

“Lydia, that was a real tour de force.  WOW!  Absolutely superb from start to end.  What came across was something which was just so full of character and really compelling to listen and to watch as well.   Loved the acting, loved the singing. I’m starting to sound like Simon Cowell now – it’s definitely a YES from me and a YES from the rest of the panel.WELL DONE!”

We agree- well done Lydia!


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